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Hi! I'm Katt

I straddle the line between UX Researcher and Data Scientist, specializing in early-stage product analytics, research planning, and root cause analysis. I have a qualitative research toolset from my background in I/O Psychology and a wealth of practical experience with UX analysis and data engineering. If you need to cross the gap between quantitative and qualitative research, I'm available for hire.

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My Resume


Case studies of my previous work in Data Science and UX Research.

Building Consensus with Data

Data Science

Early Product Exploration

Data Science

User Workflow Kaizen

UX Research

Post-launch Research

Data Science

Investigating Customer Churn

UX Research

Green Field Market Research

UX Research

About Me

Curiosity killed the Katt, but satisfaction brought them back.

If there’s something better to do with a life than finding interesting, delightful bits of knowledge and then sharing them with others,
I haven’t found it yet, and I’ve been looking.

My search has led me through psychology, technology, data, storycrafting, gaming, business, philosophy, and many more delightful passions I collect with my days. Now I have a delightfully broad, Red-Mage-ish skillset with depth in user experience design, data science, and research as a whole.

Want to understand how I got here? I made a map.

  • Pre-2005

    Entrepreneurial Beginnings

    With entrepreneurial parents, my childhood chores were marketing collateral design, website creation, copywriting, data analysis in Excel, and folding a lot of brochures.

  • 2005-2011

    Leveling Up at UNH

    I studied behavioral psychology, perceptual neurophysics, and market research, while using data tools like Excel and SPSS.
    sThen, because I'd been such a precosious little business leader, I got my MBA to boot.

  • 2011-2018

    Wearing Different Hats

    Pro Tip I: Don't graduate in 2011.
    Pro Tip II: Try on a bunch of hats, see what works.
    I got to try market analysis, data architecture, systems administration, data engineering, and speech analytics, contributing to a lot of different teams.

  • 2018-2022

    The Data Science Years

    I took a sabbatical after my mom died, and did some thinking. What I enjoyed most was sitting in a Starbucks and building foundation skills in Data Science, laying the groundwork for great work at HP and Cash App.

  • 2023

    A New Design

    Tinkering with ML is fun, but my passion is making things that help people. Plus, I kept finding design solutions to ML problems! So, I took a turn towards UX Research.

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    Of My

Resources and Organizations

These are some of the great organizations I've volunteered with over the years; they have helpful resources to help you on your journey.

Emerging Leaders Mentorship

Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders

Out in Tech

Community of LGBTQ+ Tech Leaders

Games to Gather

Resources for Game Designers

‘When one teaches, two learn.’ –Robert Heinlein

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